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Get rid of mosquitoes before they ruin your summer!

Mosquito season is coming soon! Are you ready?

Mosquito season in the Chicagoland area tends to begin once the temperature is consistently in the 50s, peaking in once the temperatures are in the 80s, around August. Some years, it feels as though mosquito season is particularly bad, with more serious infestations occurring.

Mosquitoes can range from being an annoying nuisance to a real disease spreader. Zika and West Nile are spread by these insects, which is a good enough reason to keep them away. Not only can they spread disease, they also limit your time outdoors: just as you’re enjoying an early evening on the patio, they start to swarm.

If you’ve had enough of them, there are certain things you can do to try to mitigate their presence:

· Get rid of any low-lying areas where water collects

· Clear out your gutters, as well as any fallen branches or logs

· Use fans or mosquito zappers to keep them at bay outdoors

· The use of citronella products, as well as sprays can help keep them at bay

However, many people find that, despite their best efforts, mosquitoes remain a problem. If this is the case, calling in a pest control company to spray monthly is another option. Pest Arrest provides this service and can come out to your house to do a free estimate at a time that is convenient for you.


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