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5 Pest Control Myths Busted

You would often come across quite a few DIY solutions that promise to control pests without the help of specialists, which you can do yourself. However, there are a few things that you should know before you work on pest control. These are pure myths in every sense.

  • Insecticide can be applied by anyone: The statement holds a certain amount of truth but not entirely. In order for the insecticide to work effectively and efficiently, one has to know more about the kind of pest they are dealing with and how to deal with them better. One should know the kind of pesticide that will work and how to apply in order for long lasting efficient results.

  • Too much insecticide, effective result: This is completely absurd. In fact, if you apply more than required, you might end up making the pesticide or insecticide less effective for the pests will develop resistance to it. You should know how much and the frequency to apply the pesticide.

  • Bugs are repelled by ultrasonic repellents: A common misunderstanding for which the public are not to be blamed. Who wouldn’t want to try their hands at a method where ultrasonic sound, below our level of hearing, can easily clear away the bugs? But this is completely false and there has been no evidence of it yet.

  • Dawn and dusk are the time for mosquitoes: Mosquitoes doesn’t have any clock to stick to a particular time for biting humans. Some of the virus spreading mosquitoes are more prevalent and active in the daytime. You can use bug sprays but it is better to go with professional assistance to tackle the problem.

  • No bed bugs in clean houses: Bed bugs and cleanliness have no relation whatsoever. Even if the house is clean, if there is blood to draw, there is every possibility of bed bugs. The only problem with a cluttered place is you are giving more places for the bugs to hide.

If you're stuck with a pest infestation, it's time to call the professionals. At Pest Arrest, we are the top rated pest control company in your local Florida Area.


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